Sunday, May 27, 2007
Oops, Another Race Day Weekend

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It’s raining today. It rains almost every year on this weekend. This is Race day weekend. Indianapolis’s premier event, the Indy 500. How I hate the Indy 500. If you think the high pitched sound of race cars zipping around a track is music to your ears, you might be a Hoosier. Not being a born and bred Hoosier, I think the sound of engines racing is just plain annoying. If I see another back and white checked flag in this town I will puke. The only part about the weekend that I remotely enjoy is the sight of fighter jets flying over my house as they buzz the raceway signaling the start of the race. Amazing when you consider that I live 25 miles from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not basing my hatred for racing on channel surfing on TV. I’ve actually been to the race and that is what put me off racing for the rest of my natural life. My husband thrives on all things race related. I don’t see the attraction myself. This is one of those days each year that I don’t mind doing the laundry. Because it sure beats watching the race. Don’t tell any Hoosier’s that I said this, because they would kick me out of Indiana for it.

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I am still dog sitting my son’s dog Chloe. She is the one who had the “procedure” done last Thursday. She is starting to eat, barely. The operation took away her appetite. She wouldn’t eat or drink until just last night and even then not much. So I have been trying to coax her appetite along with little treats. I knew she liked cheese so I bought some domestic Colby for her. She sniffed it and turned away. Then I brought out the expensive imported cheese that I like to eat. I cut myself a little wedge and arranged it on a plate with some fruit and crackers. I settle down in front of the TV to watch a movie with the hubster and here comes little miss ‘no appetite’ begging for a morsel of imported cheese. Yes, she won’t eat domestic cheese but she will rip your throat out for a morsel of imported cheese. So I fed this dog my special $17.99 per lb imported cheese. And I found something else she will eat; steak. Last night was steak night and guess who was begging for a piece. Yes I gave in. I’m such an easy mark. I hope her appetite returns soon because she has eaten her way through almost all of my imported cheese.

(Myrtle Beach, SC - May 2006)

In addition to this being Race Day weekend, it is almost Memorial Day. This time weekend last year we had just returned home from our Southern vacation. We had gone to Charleston SC and Myrtle Beach SC. We also decided to begin our search for the hubster’s father’s WWII records on this day a year ago. It’s amazing when I stop to think about all that we have discovered about the hubster’s father in 1 short year. We met with men who knew him in WWII. We corresponded with other men who knew him then as well. We attended our first WWII Navy reunion for the USS Bell DD587. (The first of many) We learned about the hubster’s father’s best friend whose widow lives 45 minutes from us. This Memorial Day has a special meaning to us because of all of the research we have done over the past year. If you want to see some of our journey it is dialoged on a website at: This weekend I also think of my son in law, currently sitting in a sand pit in hell. And of my daughter who sits alone on foreign soil, away from all of her family, while she waits for her soldier to return. My heart is heavy as I think of all the sacrifices people have to make all in the name of war. Maybe I should stop watching all those War movies on TCM and AMC this weekend. Happy Memorial Day!
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  • At May 28, 2007 at 12:11 PM, Blogger MarkD60

    There is Drag Racing and there is Roun-De-Round. Indy 500 is Roun-De-Round. You get a Roun-De-Round fan and probe deep, you'll find they only like Roun-De-Round for the crashes, which is sick. When you go to a drag race, a crash is a terrible thing that no one wants to see.
    Besides, with Roun-De-Round, the cars go in a circle and you can't even tell who's in first.

  • At May 28, 2007 at 12:44 PM, Blogger Sam

    Happy Memorial Weekend!!
    I hope the dog feels better soon. You're very nice sharing your cheese, lol.
    And I'm invited to a party next weekend, and they asked me to bring a 'dish'. So I will look at my New Recipe Book called Cooking With Friends (!!) and find a great recipe!

  • At May 28, 2007 at 2:33 PM, Blogger Oopsy Daisy

    Hi Mark. Here they divide life into two races. Indy 500 and the Brickyard. The Indy 500 is where the party crowd attends to party-on and the Brickyard is where the actual race fans attend. Frankly I think they are all too loud.

    Hi Sam! I even made Chloe a scrambled egg this morning to go with her imported cheese. Good luck on the recipe, there are many to choose from. I'd recommend one but I love them all!