Saturday, August 30, 2008
Oops, What a Difference
What a difference a day makes. I’m no longer depressed. At least not for now. Last night at ten o’clock in the evening I picked up one of my many notebooks and before I knew it I had eight pages of a new paranormal romance written. The story has just flowed out of me. It’s great to have words flowing from your fingers. Today I wrote a grand total of 2500 words in one afternoon. I’m normally a 500 to 1000 word a day gal if I’m lucky. So to have the words flow like that. Well it’s nothing short of amazing.

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I have a notebook obsession. I have perhaps 4 notebooks that are barely used and maybe ten that are mostly full. I can not help myself when I get in a store and see the notebooks. They are like purses. I’ve never met a purse I didn’t like and I’ve never met a notebook I didn’t like. My granddaughter is the same way. She is a notebook junkie just like her Gwanma.

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Speaking of Jasmine, I found the hubster in Jas’s bedroom tonight after dinner. Jas has a 30 inch High Definition flat screen TV in her bedroom at our house. Well, doesn’t every eight year old? Actually we are storing it for her daddy. Anyway, I can understand the hubster laying with the dog on the bed. But the teddy bear? The hubster really worries me sometimes. Any by the way, in the above picture I caught Jas’s doggie doing the “stripper stretch”. That is what we’ve named the odd stretch she does many times during each day. She’ll stretch one leg out, then the other leg and then do the front, etc. Quite the odd thing to watch I must admit.
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Friday, August 29, 2008
Oops, Depression Sinks In
We now interrupt this blog to bring you DEPRESSION! Hop on the band wagon and get your dose of depression today. Why have a good weekend when you can wallow in misery and self absorption. Depression is an underrated emotion, get it today before it’s all gone.

My eldest son is moving to Maryland early tomorrow morning. In an odd way I am jealous. Not of the crappy, backwards town he is moving to (which DOES smell like chicken poop), but I am jealous of his new beginning. I want a new beginning. I hope it works out for him.

My hubby stated yesterday that ever since he has been back in Indy our home depresses him and doesn’t really feel like a home. I totally understand. It doesn’t seem like a home because our doggie passed away in April when the hubster was working in MD. Now we really are going through some grieving because we are now the owners (perhaps temporary) of my eldest son’s doggie. She was Moose’s best friend (girlfriend) and we can tell she misses Moose too. So having her here and not having Moose, well it’s just depressing.

That could be why the hubby is trying to get a job in North Carolina. Well that and because I want to be closer to Carolina Beach.

What do you do when you are depressed? You join a children’s online community and ace their games (because you are an adult…duh) and therefore earn scads of Mills Bucks and have the best furnished house on the internet. I even added a second floor to my house today and furnished the second floor too. I think I’ll add a hot tub to the back yard, maybe next to my in ground pool. Yup, depression makes you do weird stuff, eh?
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Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Oops, I Can Die Happy

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I can die a happy woman now. What ever horrors may come my way be damned, for at this moment in time I am deliriously happy. My favorite author responded to my email and sent me (lil ol me) a personal response. Oh happy day! The joy of it! Only a true book lover could possibly understand the joy and utter thrill of getting a personal email from Marilyn Sachs. My daughter could understand the thrill of it because she was weaned on Marilyn Sachs books. And my granddaughter can understand the joy as well because for her eighth birthday in June I passed one of my sets of Marilyn Sach’s books down to her. (A Gwanma has to keep a set for herself after all).

I find when I am in a writing mood I tend to read a great deal. Hey, I need all the inspiration I can get these days. So I have been spending my crappy summer reading under my eyes go blurry. I’ve even been reading in the middle of the night with my special book light. And yes, I’ve been writing. And writing. And writing. I am afraid to say that my writers block is gone because it might come back. But I have the wonderful problem of not having enough hours in the day because I have so much I want to write but not enough time to write it. Every writer should have that problem.

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I am working on the project that is near and dear to my heart; The Night Watchman. Any of you who have known me long enough know that the Night Watchman is a glorious tale of a woman who moves to Wilmington NC and meets the night watchman for the Battleship North Carolina. They become friends, and perhaps much more. And yes, they do fall in love. A true fact is that there are two ghosts on the Battleship NC. The real night watchman, Danny Bradshaw, claims that one of the ghosts is a playful, harmless blonde haired young man. The other ghost emits evil and is not a nice guy at all. Or maybe he is just ticked off at being offed when he was in the middle of taking a shower (when the torpedo hit in WWII). Both of these ghosts make their way into my book and play a major role in the novel. I have a mere 98,000 words written at this point of which probably 80,000 are sheer crap.

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One of the problems I have been having with the book (for over a year now) is an important scene in gun turret II. That is one area of the ship that I never toured. I toured everything else which was open to the public, but never turret II. So a visit to Wilmington NC is in order very soon. Don’t be surprised if I post some pictures of the hubster and I on the Battleship NC in the next couple of weeks.
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Friday, August 8, 2008
Oops, The Worst Nightmare EVER

The worst thing in the WORLD happened to me on Tuesday. I still am shaking over it. It was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! Our house is a tri-level. (That means three to people not in the know). I was on the lowest level Tuesday afternoon and fell asleep on the loveseat while reading a book. I wake up and it was really weird. I was awake but not awake. My hand had been dangling on the floor while I was sleeping and I had odd dreams. Scary dreams about snakes and birds in my house. I kept hearing music and ... well I don't know how to explain it. Just weird dreams. Then I go into the kitchen and apparently I fainted according to the hubster. I don't remember it. I remember being in the recliner in the front room on the 2nd level after I fainted.

So I am sitting in the recliner trying to get back to normal. Finally my eyes stop going weird and I start waking up. Next thing I know the hubster goes to the foyer on the first level near the front door, to put on his shoes to start the grill and he yells "OH F**K!" I start screaming and crying and shaking because I know what "OH F**K!" means. It means we have an unwelcome visitor. It means my worst nightmare has come true. It means I'm moving the heck away from this house! I stand up and walk the couple of feet to look at the foyer (while still standing on the 2nd level) and I see IT. IT was coiled up around the hubster's shoes next to my blue crocs. I'LL NEVER WEAR THOSE SHOES AGAIN!!!! I screamed and SCREAMED!!!!!! The hubster had run out in the garage and gotten his work gloves. He picked THE SNAKE up and ran outside with it and threw it over the fence of the empty house next door while I am in the house SCREAMING "KILL IT, KILL IT!!!!!" Now I am scared poopy-less because I don't know if or when it will happen again because we don't know how it got in in the first place. I will NEVER feel safe in this house again. What a NIGHTMARE! AAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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