Friday, February 27, 2009
Oops, I’ve Been Shot
Today is the hubster’s 42nd birthday. Birthday Hapday, dude! In honor of his b-day I let him choose what we would do today. I was hoping he would opt for sleeping in late, taking a long nap and going to bed early, but he didn’t. He chose to go to some of our favorite museums in downtown Indianapolis.

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We went to the Civil War museum at the Soldiers and Sailors Monument on Monument Circle. Although we have been to the Monument Circle monument, gift shop and observation tower, we had never been to the Civil War museum located in the basement of the monument. What a great museum. And what a great price; free. They had some really cool artifacts too.

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Afterwards we went to a hotdog place we have been wanting to try, King David Dogs. That’s were it got scary. After we ordered a Chicago dog and a chili cheese dog, I was shot. Honest, I was shot right in the chest, there in the restaurant! How it happened was I pushed on the ketchup dispenser to put some ketchup in a small plastic cup. The hubster and I were sharing a small fry. All of a sudden the ketchup shot out and spewed all over the front of my brand new lime green sweater. There was even ketchup on the sleeve. The shot was so violent that it got the back of my hubby’s leg, from knee to ankle and he was standing five feet away at the cash register! I immediacy screamed. The owner and two co-workers napped their attention in my direction. I hollered “Oh my God, I’ve been shot!” It was so bad (I know, “How bad as it?”) that I had to go in the bathroom and take my sweater off, and wash it in the sink. It was similar to someone squirting you with a large honking super-sized bottle of ketchup. It was a hell of a lot of ketchup, people! It seems what had happened was the ketchup thingy was newly filled and has a history of getting jammed so when I pushed on the handle it suddenly, an rapidly unjammed – all over me! For my injuries the owner gave us free tater tots and fries. I was sort of hoping for free hotdogs as well, but I guess he figured I merely needed something to sop up all that ketchup with, such as fried and tater tots. Fortunately the ketchup washed out and all was well.

After that lunch and a quick stop at Starbucks, we headed for the Indiana War Museum. Are you seeing a theme here? Yeah, we are war mongers form way back. Not really, but we are avid historians. Well someone has to do it, you know. Anyhoo, we spent the remainder of the day touring the War Museum, which I must say is one of the nicer war museums I have been to. If you are ever in Indianapolis you should check it out. And again, the price was great; free.

In between the war museum's we dropped by the City Market and walked around a bit. I was a little shocked to see the hoardes of policemen wandering the area, until the hubster mentioned the City County building (aka police station and jail) were directly across the street.

The hubster’s amazing, exciting birthday isn’t over yet. We are just at home, taking a break before we continue the festivities. Dinner and a movie are in the works for this evening, among other things. I’m even letting the hub-miester pick both dinner venue and the choice of movie. Hey, I’m all heart, but you knew that, didn’t you?!
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  • At February 28, 2009 at 8:46 AM, Anonymous ern

    Excuse me, why do you need ketchup if you're having a Chicago Dog? ....Oh, I see now, there were fries involved. Okay, You're forgiven.
    Sorry, this is really geocentric and not politically correct, but I can't help but laugh that there is an *observation tower* in downtown Indianapolis. No, really, that sounds so funny....I mean, wouldn't you get the same view if you climbed a silo in a corn field?

  • At March 3, 2009 at 4:22 AM, Blogger Sam

    well, except for the ketchup shot, it sounded like a Great day!!

  • At March 12, 2009 at 4:44 AM, Blogger MarkD60

    This could only happen to you Daisy!