Friday, August 29, 2008
Oops, Depression Sinks In
We now interrupt this blog to bring you DEPRESSION! Hop on the band wagon and get your dose of depression today. Why have a good weekend when you can wallow in misery and self absorption. Depression is an underrated emotion, get it today before it’s all gone.

My eldest son is moving to Maryland early tomorrow morning. In an odd way I am jealous. Not of the crappy, backwards town he is moving to (which DOES smell like chicken poop), but I am jealous of his new beginning. I want a new beginning. I hope it works out for him.

My hubby stated yesterday that ever since he has been back in Indy our home depresses him and doesn’t really feel like a home. I totally understand. It doesn’t seem like a home because our doggie passed away in April when the hubster was working in MD. Now we really are going through some grieving because we are now the owners (perhaps temporary) of my eldest son’s doggie. She was Moose’s best friend (girlfriend) and we can tell she misses Moose too. So having her here and not having Moose, well it’s just depressing.

That could be why the hubby is trying to get a job in North Carolina. Well that and because I want to be closer to Carolina Beach.

What do you do when you are depressed? You join a children’s online community and ace their games (because you are an adult…duh) and therefore earn scads of Mills Bucks and have the best furnished house on the internet. I even added a second floor to my house today and furnished the second floor too. I think I’ll add a hot tub to the back yard, maybe next to my in ground pool. Yup, depression makes you do weird stuff, eh?
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  • At August 31, 2008 at 8:33 AM, Anonymous ern

    That's why the ad says, "Depression Hurts!'
    I've been depressed since the 4th grade so it seems normal to me.
    Sorry your doggie has left. That's always difficult. I lost my little one a year ago and I still haven't put away her dishes or her crate. (sigh)