Thursday, December 6, 2007
Oops, My Chex Mix Bit back

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, or actually, to be more precise, one back molar. Sigh… Last night I was eating some homemade Chex mix while sitting in front of the fire watching TV while the snow fell, and all of a sudden, as I was chewing, I felt something hard and metallic in my mouth. I spit the Chex mix out (not very attractive I know) and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a nice gold cap. I didn’t recall any of the Chex mix ingredients being gold so I had to assume my dental work was malfunctioning. Oddly enough there is no pain, but the thought of my cap sitting in my Chex mix bowl, well it freaks me out to say the least. So please, send teeth for Christmas. Gold teeth preferably. A gold molar to be precise.

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Did you notice I mentioned that S word? Yup, we had snow yesterday. It was so pretty. It was one of those white fluffy snows. I had to drive downtown in the midst of the storm. Although I profess to detest snow, I must secretly admit I actually love it. I really do. In fact, my favorite poem is called Snow. So there I am yesterday, in the snow storm, driving downtown in my warm cozy Tank SUV with Pink Floyd playing on the CD player and big fat snowflakes bouncing off my windshield. It doesn’t get much better than that. Today the snow is just an slushy nasty mess and the roads are full of rude dumbass drivers who got their licenses out of a gumball machine.

I have news. I have big news. Here I am mumbling about gold teeth and slushy snow when I should be telling you my big news. My really big news. Remember the little trip to the East Coast we made in October so the hubster could go on a job interview? They have been in negotiation talks ever since and this morning all things came to a head. The final offer was made and accepted. So the hubster must be in Maryland no later than April 1st to begin his new job. Meanwhile, even though we knew this was coming, we still haven’t listed out house with a real estate agent. There are so many things we must do and do fast. I don’t want to be stuck here in the Midwest by myself while the hubster is back East starting a new job. … Or do I? Heh heh… I have mixed feelings. I don’t want to leave my sweet little granddaughter. And when I think about all the amenities a big city like Indianapolis has to offer as opposed to the little rinky dink town we would be moving to, well it’s a hard choice. Decisions, decisions.
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  • At December 6, 2007 at 5:16 PM, Anonymous ern

    whooop to dooo!
    You're on a streak, girl...congratulations. I'm sure you'll find some neat places to hang out where you'll be. If not, you can always make friends with the UPS and USPS delivery people when deliver your crafty supplies. Jaz can talk/see you via web cam, and I'm sure she'll be out in the summer. Thanks goodness you two had time together this summer and she has her Pony book to remind her of what a great gwanma you are.
    Of course, this announcement means I'll keep your x-mas present here and send it along later, as a house-warming present. hehe.

  • At December 7, 2007 at 8:32 AM, Blogger Oopsy Daisy

    Hi Ern, Jas will definately be spending at least a couple of weeks in the summer with me. We'll be 20 minutes from the ocean or closer so I know she'll love that. I'll miss her though. We won't be moving until the last week of March so I'll have a little bit more time to spend with her. I just told the faith healer about the move and she says "Oh goody, a free place near the beach to vacation at!". Uh...yeah...I don't think I'll give her my forwarding address. LOL