Sunday, June 17, 2007
Oops, Our Vacation Begins

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I am back dating our vacation memories. While we had wireless internet at the wonderful Atlantic Towers, it was only available in the club room on the first floor and I was having too much fun to take the time to blog from the club room. Sorry, my bad. I am a naughty blogger, I know. But wait till you hear all the fin we had (and are still having). Enough dribble though, let the vacation blogging begin…

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It wouldn’t be a vacation if something annoying and out of the norm didn’t happen to us. First off, I have to say, we LOVE Carolina Beach NC! It is a quiet, relaxing, family beach, unlike the coastal community that the hubster and I grew in. The boardwalk here is a small area of a handful of shops, a snowcone place and a killer donut shop (Britts Donut Shop) that makes glazed donuts while you wait. The ocean is nice and the hotel has an indoor and outdoor pool for when you tire of fun on the surf. We have been having a blast! Until we tried to go to bed on our first night here. I fell asleep like a rock. At midnight I was rudely awoken by the sounds of screaming, laughter and hollering right in front of our bedroom window, which overlooked the hallway. It finally stopped and I started to doze off back to sleep. Next thing I know it happens again. I get up to open the door and ask them to be quiet when it stops. Five minutes later it happened AGAIN! This time I was pissed. I called the front desk. They knew exactly who it was because apparently I was not the only one complaining. They sent the security officer up. We heard him talking to the people two doors down. About five minutes after he left the noise started up again and was even louder. I called the front desk again. The security officer came up again and had a chat with the person right in front of our bedroom window. We eavesdropped. Seems that this fellow had just gotten married on the beach and had rented a block of rooms throughout the 11 floor hotel. The rooms were scattered throughout the hotel and all rooms were having loud noise and were partying loudly in the hallways. This jerk kept arguing loudly that he had been to a wedding last year where they rented rooms in a hotel and no one complained so he thinks that the hotel should just ignore all the many people complaining. The security guard told him many times, firmly, that if he got one more complaint that the entire group in every room would be asked to leave. This was at 1am. We called for the 3rd time at 1:30am because they were screaming “F**K You” in the hallways. Seems that they already had that 3rd complaint prior to our call and had been asked to leave the hotel and were not being given a refund of their money. Tell about 30 drunken young adults that they have to leave the hotel and their party in the middle of the night and you are bound to get some loud and rude sounds as people begrudgingly leave. I think the cops were even called. Even the bride and groom had to leave. Ha ha! I loved it. I like to call it just desserts.

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At lunchtime we get a call from the hotel manager apologizing for the experience of the night before. She offered us a complimentary night and we accepted. So instead of us leaving here on Wednesday to go to Nags Head NC, we are staying an additional day. I am pleased. And when we told Jas we were staying in this lovely hotel where our balcony overlooks the ocean, she was very pleased as well. My ears are still ringing from her shouts of joy. Now if only lobster boy the hubster hadn’t gotten burnt to a crisp today.
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  • At June 22, 2007 at 7:07 PM, Blogger Julie

    Hey it looks like you guys are having a great time.. here in the midwest we are dealing with storms and tornados!! I think its a good time to be gone on vacation.. So I take it theres no Purple Moose on the Boardwalk?!!

  • At June 22, 2007 at 9:06 PM, Blogger Oopsy Daisy

    Sorry Jules, no Purple Moose. But how much fun could the Purple Moose be without you there to share it with me?

    We are in Covington Virgina now and will drive the rest of the way home tomorrow. I miss the ocean already and we just left it this morning.