Saturday, February 17, 2007
Oops, The Grass Isn’t Greener

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Winter wonderland, my ass! I admit, at first I secretly adored the snow and would stand by the front window watching it fall. But now that we are getting the 3rd snow storm in less than 10 days, I am not so fond of it anymore. It may not have been so bad, had the previous snows melted, but in these cold temps nothing has been melting. Now here I am stuck in the house on a Saturday bored out of my mind. I had hoped to do some shopping for our upcoming trip to California (we leave on Friday morning!!!) but no, I am stuck in the house once again. Damn that white stuff!

I gave the hubster his birthday present for valentines day and plan to give him his valentines day present on his birthday. I think I made a good choice by doing it that way because now we are able to listen to the LA traffic and weather reports on his new Sirius satellite radio. We can even take the radio with us as we travel, if we choose. How did we ever manage without satellite radio before? Last night we listened to the BBC, Korea, Hair bands from the 80’s, the Sinatra channel, the Elvis channel, NFL talk, the Flames hockey game in Calgary (Go Flames!) and the Eiminem channel. Yes, we are officially hooked.

Before we relaxed in front of the stereo last night, we had to take our poor annoying doggy to the vet. As it turns out he has a urinary tract infection. Thursday I had noticed a huge puddle of blood in the snow where Moose had peed. The hubster examined Moose’s penis that night (well I wasn’t going to do it) and noticed that pus and blood were coming out of his urethra. So off to the vet we went. The thing that disturbed me the most was that when the vet put her fingers in his butt to feel his prostrate, Moose got a smile on his face and seemed to rather enjoy it. That is wrong on so many levels.

They had us go back to the waiting room while they drew Moose’s blood and examined his penis more closely (apparently owners get upset when they see what the vet has to do to examine the penis). There was the coolest dog in the waiting room. She was a five year old bloodhound named Sarah and she had the Colts emblem (blue horseshoes) painted on her floppy ears. The owner is a 1st grade teacher and had taken Sarah to school with her for a Colts pep rally prior to the Superbowl. They had face painting and the kids had the bright idea that Sarah the bloodhound should get her ears painted. We didn’t have the heart to tell her we hate the Colts, but the hubster did tell the owner that he was from Maryland. (At which point she looked at Sarah and said “Sic him”). I was so envious of her dog and would have traded Moose on the spot for this cool bloodhound. Then Sarah shook her head and snot/slobber rockets shot all around the room, one landing on a man sitting a few seats away. That’s all I needed to see, no bloodhounds for me. The woman described the state of the walls in her home and how there were slime trails all over them from Sarah. Yes, the grass is NOT greener on the other side, not at all! In fact, the grass is rather slimy on the other side.
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