Wednesday, April 16, 2008
Oops, The Tax Man Cometh

My cell phone rang last night at 10:30. The hubster and I have a general rule in our house; never call us after 9:30pm because if you are calling that late it is obviously something we don’t want to hear and it can wait until the morning. So in my usual avoidance maneuvers I let the call go to voice mail. It would seem that Scott was at my eldest son’s house and it suddenly occurred to him that it was April 15th. This is a bad thing for Scott because he was supposed to give me his W2’s and 1099’s that he had neglected to do so on Sunday. And the fact that I called him several times on Monday still did not jar his memory. Scott’s late night question? “Should I file some sort of extension this week or next?” My reply? “No need, you are screwed at this point, so why waste the ink.” Okay, I didn’t respond to him yet, but that’s what I’m thinking. Come on, who waits until 10:30 pm on April 15th to do their taxes? Seriously!
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  • At April 18, 2008 at 2:37 AM, Blogger Sam

    That is rather last minute - sounds like a kid to me! LOL.
    Love the photos of your garden - it looks lovely, and the faith-healer dodge was good thinking.
    The weather here is really odd too - foggy this morning, and hot, then cold. Too weird.
    I take Claritine for the allergies (I can't take anything stronger, it wipes me out) but Claritine works really well. Have you tried it?