Sunday, April 1, 2007
Oops, It’s April Fools

Today is April Fools day, the one day a year where it is commonplace to play a joke or prank on someone. I apparently didn’t get the true meaning of April Fools and I ended up being an April fool, only the joke was on me and it wasn’t funny. How am I an April Fool? Guess who is going to the zoo tomorrow with the self proclaimed faith healer neighbor, her daughter and my granddaughter. No joke in that right? Well guess who is paying for everyone’s good time. Yes, the joke is on me. Somehow I’ve gotten roped into paying for the self proclaimed faith healer neighbor and her daughter. This would not be a problem were it the zoo I am used to back home, because that is a donations only zoo. At the zoo here adults are $13.50 and children are $8.50. And then there is lunch. The last time I went to the zoo with Jas I ended up spending $32 for lunch just for hotdogs, fries and cokes. If it costs that much for 2 people, what is it going to cost for 4 people, with two of those people having eating disorders where they feel the need to eat everything not bolted down. What have I gotten myself into? Damn the school system for giving the kids Spring Break. It may have been cheaper for me to have just taken Jas to Florida for Spring Break. How do I get myself into these things?

The upshot is there will be plenty of pictures for your enjoyment tomorrow. I can only image how hideous these pictures will turn out. I can’t help but think about the horror of the pictures I took when the self proclaimed faith healer and I took her daughter out to lunch one day a couple of months ago. It was a toss up as to which one of them was fighting hardest for the camera’s attention. I am fortunate my camera lens didn’t crack. Yes, that is a pic of the faith healer and her daugter in the pic above. See what I mean about being grateful the lens didn't crack?

But then I take a moment to step back and look on the bright side of all of this. I am creating wonderful memories for my precious granddaughter and the faith healers daughter. Providing I don’t lose it and blow my top tomorrow they will both look back upon that day and think of me fondly. They will tell their kids one day about the time I took them to the zoo on Spring Break and spent $400 on hotdogs, fries and cokes and did it with a smile (and lots of valium). Yes, I have an active imagination. But I firmly believe that the universe gives back and after the day I am going to have tomorrow the universe will definitely owe me one, big time!

We’d better enjoy the nice weather tomorrow while we can because the news report on TV tonight said that our lovely 80 degree weather will be turning into a rainy chilly 40 degree day on Wednesday with cold temps the rest of the week. That is bad news for my flower bulbs which should be blooming on Wednesday. Some are blooming now. These are the few bulbs that the chipmunks didn’t dig up and eat or move. So what the neighborhood vermin doesn’t destroy Mother nature will. I just can’t get a break. And to really piss me off the hubster is saying “I told you so”. You see, yesterday we went to a local nursery to get some potting soil and hopefully some plants. I pick out a nice tomato plant and put it in my cart when the hubster looks and me and dryly says “you know it’s going to get cold again, and they will just die”. I got very sad because it seems like anything I want to do nowdays Mr. Gloom and Doom has to put a damper on it and be a killjoy. So I merely put the plant back and didn’t buy anything.

“Go ahead and buy it if you want” Mr. Killjoy said.

“Forget it” I mumbled.

“No, go ahead and buy it if it’s that important to you. I’m just saying that we always have cold weather on and off until May in Indiana. They’ll end up dying.”

“Whatever” I mumbled.

So now I have Mr. Gloom and Doom gloating saying “I told you so”.

Damn Indiana weather. Damned men.
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