Monday, October 13, 2008
Oops, New Neighbors

This might as well be Friday the 13th instead of Monday the 13th as far as I am concerned. The “Adam Henry’s” (A.H.’s; figure it out) next door are putting a new roof on the house next door that is being flipped and the considerate roofing crew has driven across our front lawn several times. They even parked on our front lawn once. They told us today, when we asked them not to drive across our lawn, that they would be working over there at least three more weeks and even adding a trench of sorts to help with some sort of drainage problems that property has. Oh goody, backhoes. As if that didn’t raise my blood pressure enough, then I look out the back window and see the people that are in the process of buying the house behind us. All I will say is I’M NOT HAPPY! It’s like the worst possible people you could imagine for neighbors. It’s like my worst nightmare come true. (And no, they are not Hispanic. I don’t judge people on the color of their skin; I judge them on their actions. And Brooke, yes they are WORSE than the people that lived in the rental house across the street a few years ago). And couple that with the rental house across the street from us which is currently for rent and the pack of redneck hellions that looked at it on Sunday and stayed for 45 minutes, thus most likely renting it. Just moms and pops along with their 5 kids and one in the oven. Moving into a 900 square foot house with 3 of the tiniest bedrooms I have ever seen. The kids were chasing each other with sticks, trying to beat a squirrel to death, trying to beat the faith healers dog with a stick and taking turns punching the window in the front door, just to name a few of their friendly, cute games. Mom and Dad didn’t seem to be bothered by it. Actually I think Dad might have been too drunk as he was stumbling quite a bit and Mom was more concerned about chain smoking. I think she was chain smoking because she was smoking for two, therefore she wanted to make sure the baby got it’s share of nicotine as well. At least she is thoughtful, eh? This neighborhood has changed so much and not for the better. I think it is well past time to get out of Dodge. Where to go is the problem. What to do with the rest of our lives and where to go. Too many decisions.

The hubster STILL hasn’t found a job. I will reserve my comments on that for a non-public forum. His Mom continues her weekly phone call to see how we are doing, which I have to say we both appreciate. It’s nice to know someone is there for you emotionally when you are going through tough times. She let it slip in last weeks phone call however, that some family members are upset about her calling us once a week and thinks she should only call once a month, if that. They said that they stopped calling us because not only was it depressing for them to hear about how ad things are going for the hubster, but also they felt they should leave us alone right now until we got our lives in order. WTF? She wouldn’t say which family member said that, but it could have been more than one family member because no one else in the family is calling or emailing us. They are all giving us a wide berth. I guess we just depress them too much. How bad of us. Maybe the hubster should go out and get a job so his family won’t be so depressed. You know, it scares me the way some people think, it really does. It’s like when I got cancer in 1990. Almost all of my friends dropped off the face of the earth. Later, after my operation and treatments, one tried to come back into my life. She told me that the reason she was scare during my treatments was that it was too upsetting for her and she wanted to make sure I was going to make it before she opened herself up emotionally. WTF? Needless to say I dropped her like a hot potato. That’s not a friend in my book.

(I stole this pic from Gunter. He is a much better photographer than I)

Now that I’ve complained throughout this entire post I’d better get back to my vampires and shapeshifters since I have a writers group meeting tonight. I don’t want to make it seem like I do nothing but complain lately however so I will leave you with this thought – the fall leaves are absolutely spectacular this week are almost at their peak. A true sight to behold, which fills my heart with joy. That’s one of the best parts about Fall.

There now, I said something positive! Auf Wiedersehen!
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  • At October 13, 2008 at 5:08 PM, Anonymous ern

    I had similar problems when public housing was being built next door to me.(!) I scuttled out to the foreman and suggested that we could come to some monetary agreement if he felt it would be easier for his crew to build the buildings whilst parking, driving...whatever on my land. I offered to rent the lot to him for a nominal per diem rate.
    Construction fencing went up the next day and they stayed the WEWQER off my land.
    Take pix to document damages.

    Don't you know unemployment, divorce, and cancer are all contagious? Only true friends are immune.

    Glad to hear you're getting out to a writer's workshop. You've really got a gift, there.

  • At October 14, 2008 at 12:17 PM, Blogger Mindy

    Wow, sounds like your plate is full. It's sad when families are like that. The worst thing to do when family is going through tough times is pull apart.
    And the rental neighbors across the street seem awful!
    At least you have a writer's group. Some of my writer friends have become as close as family.

  • At October 16, 2008 at 7:39 AM, Blogger Cindy N.

    Sure am glad you are thinking more positively right now! Whew! I don't blame you about the 'friend' that was too TENDER to open herself up in case you didn't make it! Are you KIDDING ME!? That is when you needed her the most!

    Well, you can bitch, yell, vent, cry, whatever you need to do with me girlfriend! I am there!