Friday, March 7, 2008
Oops, The Last Supper

(click on image to enlarge and see the faith healers boob laying on the table. YUK!)

Last night I did something I swore I would never again do. I went out to dinner with the self proclaimed faith healer neighbor and her annoying loud mouthed daughter. I even invited m y granddaughter Jas to join us. Misery loves company I suppose. Let me start off by saying, the self proclaimed faith healer neighbor only likes to eat at Chinese buffets. Barfette’s as I like to call them. And the one she chose certainly lived up the name of a barfette. It was some of the nastiest, if not the worst, food I have ever tried to eat. I wasn’t able to eat much because it was so bad. But the self proclaimed faith healer neighbor and her daughter made up for the food Jas and I didn’t eat. They really chowed down, let me tell you! And loud! Oh were they loud. People at other tables were turning to look at us because the self proclaimed faith healer neighbor and her eleven year old daughter were so loud.

Jas ended up getting wired up as well by the end of the evening. I mean come on, doesn’t the picture of Jas above look like she is wired out on sugar? She didn’t eat any sweet foods so this is all results of the self proclaimed faith healer neighbor’s daughter’s loud and obnoxious behavior. Quite frankly, looking at the pic of Jas above kind of scares me.

After dinner, (if you want to call it that) the self proclaimed faith healer neighbor pulls into my driveway to let me and Jas out. I see her unbuckling her seatbelt and turning the car off so I realize what she is about to do. She is going to try to come in my house. Now, if you haven’t already figured it out, the self proclaimed faith healer neighbor is like a cockroach; once you get her in your house you can’t get rid of her. So, my survival instinct kicks in and I hop out of her mini-van and grab Jas and run to my car, while hollering over my shoulder “thanks for the ride Deb, see ya later, I have to get Jas home.” And I am backed halfway out of the driveway before she realizes what is going on. It was pretty funny. I waved at her as she stood in my driveway with her mouth open, as I drove away. Jas and I had a real good laugh over that.

Today we are expecting a major snow storm here in the Frozen tundra of Indianapolis. And it seems the city has run out of road salt. So as you can imagine, things are going to get pretty bad road wise. They are shutting schools down early and already advising people to stay off the roads. Now this pisses me off. Why? Because I have two showings of my house this afternoon. And both are seeing the house for the second time. So if the weather would cooperate I could conceivably have an offer on my house by tonight. Damn that Midwest weather! So keep your fingers crossed for me that they don’t let the snow stop them from coming this afternoon and making an offer. And it doesn’t help any that the hubster calls me yesterday afternoon and tells me he is driving with the car window down and he has a sunburn. Bastard!
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  • At March 7, 2008 at 7:55 AM, Blogger Sam

    fingers are crossed for the second showing!!!!!!

    And are all husbands the same???

    Mine is in Spain, and called this morning.
    "What's up?" I ask.

    "I just wanted to say it was 85 degrees and we're sitting here outside having breakfast."

    "Is that all???"

    "Yup!" (very smug. Actually he said 'Oui', being French.

    I hung up on him.