Tuesday, July 24, 2007
Oops, I’m Too Busy To Blog

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I can’t believe it has been so long since I have blogged. Time really funs when you’re having flies, or so I hear. So many things have been happening. The most exciting thing that has happened is I sold my first book at Borders!!!! Can you believe it? A total stranger saw my book on the shelf and actually bought it! I still can’t believe it. I think it is because it was next to Paula Deens book. Thank you Paula.

We were audited for 2005 taxes. I just finished copying all of our documentation and mailing it off to that bastard uncle we call Sam. We shall see how that plays out. Hopefully that’s the last we will hear of it.

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I have been doing the graphic design and layout for a wonderful children’s book, Haberdashery and Henry by a fellow writer who has become a good friend. It is so bizarre to find out all that we have in common. And oddly enough, we found out that her oldest daughter knows my son and her boyfriend is a good friend of my youngest son. In fact, apparently her daughter has been to my house many times in the past when my youngest was living here. Small world. Anyway, we just got the final edit done on Rosemary’s book and the ISBN number has been applied for. She is having a book signing and pitch-in this Sunday.

Another friend, Deb, is moving into an awesome house that she and her husband just closed on. I want her new house. It really is the sort of house I would pick if we were to ever sell this house and move. So I helped Deb move some things to her new house and that has been keeping me busy.

And I went to the Indiana’s Best Book award last week. That was exciting. In fact, I even requested to be a judge myself next year. I got to meet the authors who wrote the books and that is always exciting for a bookworm like me.

Another thing keeping me busy has been my own book, The Night watchman. Writing on that is progressing nicely. I have quite a few chapters down on paper. Still a ways to go, but I hope to have everything completed by November.

I have been bitten by the Myspace bug unfortunately. I never got the whole hype and couldn’t see the point in Myspace. I got an account though and suddenly I get it. Oh do I get it.

But the main reason I have been too busy to blog? Harry Potter. A movie and the final book, all out within ten days of each other? Need I say more? Damn you Harry! You are cutting into my blogging time.
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  • At July 25, 2007 at 6:47 AM, Anonymous ern

    Cheated on my work time doing 4th grade math to finish HP&DH last nite. Like all the rest a great read. ((no spoiler here)) Can you believe she wrote the base of those books out longhand in a coffee shop while she was on the dole? What guts!
    Glad you're oh so busy. Will you and Lil miss get time to go see the baby giraffe? They've shown pix of him up here and he's so way cute.

  • At July 28, 2007 at 12:13 PM, Blogger MarkD60

    Congrats on your sale! Your pic looks like you're a famous author at a book signing!