Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Oops, I'm a Bad Blogger
Bad blogger, bad! Don’t bother doing it for me, I am slapping my own hand for neglecting to blog. I have been wading in the swamp we call Myspace for the last week. I never got the obsession with Myspace. I get it now. I have even been guilty of parking my seven year old granddaughter in front of Sponge Bob re-runs so I can browse just a few more minutes on myspace. The problem is everone has a Myspace account so how can you not try to look up everyone you went to high school with or ever dated. Damn you Myspace, you time thief!

Something else has reared it’s ugly red, white and blue head in my life. If you are one of the people that read my old blog you may remember that last November I had the displeasure of being audited. It came at the worst possible time too. Not only was it Nano month (National Novel Writing Month) but it was also a few weeks before I was to go to Germany to visit my daughter. Nobody ever said uncle Sam was a considerate uncle. In fact, if you ask me, Uncle Sam is an ass of an uncle and I don’t like him anymore. Yes, we are being audited AGAIN! In November we were being audited for 2004’s taxes. Now we are being audited for 2005’s taxes. So what, will we be audited this November for 2006’s taxes? This is getting to be frustrating. The hubster thinks we have bad Juju. Does anyone know what to do for bad juju? I really need to do something to change our juju because our current Juju is cracked. Yes, we have a crack in our juju. Forget the ozone, fix my Juju instead. Yes, I just like saying Juju.

In writing news, cookbook two has been put in the dusty coffers for the moment while I work on the breakout novel of the century. It’s the exact sort of book I would want to read. So if it’s something I would want to read, of course the rest of the world would want to read it. I won’t give exact details on it yet, but I will admit our trip to North Carolina was partly due to research I was doing on the book. Gawd I love research. Speaking of which, I need to get back to. I will try to update every day again. I know, bad blogger, bad!
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  • At July 19, 2007 at 2:39 PM, Blogger ShooShoo

    Ha, don't I know about the myspace thing! Let's be friends!! :) I'm at myspace.com/shoosherri ...it's not just for teenagers (or their stalkers.. ugh!) anymore! ;)

    ...But you are still a *way* better blogger than me. My poor blog is terribly neglected! :/ One of these days I'll finally get back to it!