Tuesday, October 28, 2008
Oops, Its Warm

The week of October 11, 2002 was a bad week for me. You see, I landed my butt in the hospital for 8 days with a nasty case of acute pancreatitis. I could have nothing by mouth other than a few ice chips. At first I was in too much pain to want anything to eat. After a couple of days of watching television commercials from my hospital bed and I was hungry. I asked my co-worker to sneak me in a chocolate bar. She refused. I begged the hubster to bring me in a bag of pretzels. He refused (and told on me). Then I bribed my daughter to bring me candy corn. I let her use my credit card to stock her new apartment with groceries in exchange for bringing me a bag of candy corn. Oh the stupidity. You see, insulin is made in the pancreas, so when you have pancreatitis you generally have some serious diabetes problems going on. They would take my blood every morning at 3am. One day they came in and said I had serious problems going on and were going to have to start me on insulin because my blood sugars were in the high 400’s. I was stupid, it never occurred to me that I had started eating the candy corn the evening prior. So I kept eating the candy corn and my blood sugar kept getting higher. My husband was told about my health problems and rising blood sugars. It was discussed with my daughter. We were still keeping the candy corn a secret between the two of us. Then the guilt got to be too much for her and she snitched on me. The hubster took my candy corn. {{{{sob}}}}. It was for my own good. Now, as I sit here with another bag of hidden candy corn in my desk drawer I can’t help but think fondly of my secret stash of candy corn in 2002. It may have been bad for me, but man did I ever enjoy it. Thanks Brooke!

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We made our annual trek up to country roads of Noblesville yesterday to buy a rick of firewood for our woodstove. Last October when we were on the way to buy a rick we were rear-ended by a young woman on a cell phone. We were stopped in traffic and she was going 50 MPH. This year I was nervous every time a car got behind us in Noblesville. They aren’t known for their good driving up there you know. In fact, we did have to incidents where we almost got rear ended yesterday. Fortunately we made it home safe and sound and with firewood. Just for your reference, a 2005 Nissian Pathfinder (which is by the way a big lemon) just barely fits a rick of wood. I don’t think we could have fit one more stick in that thing. It was packed tighter than a sardine can. Then came the unloading. I can honestly say I unloaded at least one third of that rick, if not half. I can also honestly say I am stupid and overdid it and have been paying for it ever since. I have been hopped up on pain meds today and resting my aching back all day. But, I must say, I have been roasty, toasty and warm as a bug in a rug with that nice firewood burning in the woodstove all day. So when my eldest son came home from work this afternoon and told me that there were snow flurries this morning when he left for work at 6am, and more snow flurries expected tomorrow morning, I really didn’t care. Ain’t it great!

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