Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Oops, They Disappoint me
When the hubster and I came up with this idea that I would stay here in the Midwest to sell our house, while he started our new life on the East Coast, our friends were very supportive. They vied with each other as to which would have me for dinner on which night and which would go to the museums with me, which would be my movie buddies, etc. In fact the last week that the hubster was here they started beating down the door, wanting me to do this or that with them. But the very second his plane hit the skies, they vanished into thin air. It’s been three weeks now and everyone has become invisible. I haven’t had one dinner invitation. And the one friend who vowed to be my movie buddy insists on not only picking the movie, but also leaves me with the popcorn bill even though I don’t eat popcorn in the theater. My (so-called) friends are a disappointment. One even went as far as to tell me how she invited another friend for dinner and then went onto complain about the evening. Meanwhile I sit there wondering why I didn’t get an invitation. This same so-called friend asked me yesterday “Don’t you get lonely?” I felt like telling her I’d rather be a hermit than hang around the likes of selfish rude people like you. But I just smiled and said no.

Really things are not as bad as I make them seem. I rather enjoy my solitude for the most part. There are other friends I could hang around with but for various reasons I don’t. I’d much rather stay home with my stinky dog, sitting in front of the fire, eating strawberry shortcake for dinner. I’ve even stopped going to my writers group meetings. So I guess my solitude is a self imposed one at times. But I like it that way. I have come to the realization that the majority of my friends here in Indy use me for their own personal gain. The ones who have me do free web work, or the ones who have me drive 25 miles to their house to go out for the afternoon or evening with them because their husband has their one car and they are bored, or the ones that want me to cater their movies for free all at my own expense or the ones that only call me when they are having a personal crisis and they need a shoulder to cry on. Screw you all, I say. Screw you all! I think that if I when I move to the East Coast I will have to become pickier about the friends I let into my life.

I had three showings on Saturday. That makes a grand total of 22 showings now. The craziest things happen when people come to look at my house. I know because I hide down the block and watch. Saturday was, of course, no exception. Three minutes before the first showing, a white hearse backs into the faith healer neighbors driveway, and they open the back doors, as if waiting for fresh meat to be inserted into the back, if you know what I mean. Come on, what are the odds? Really people, what are the odds? Then I realize that they are actually taking car parts out of the back of the hearse to work on Debs brakes on her minivan which has the two front wheels taken off and is up on blocks. Would YOU want to move to a house which is across the street from a house with a car up on blocks and a hearse in the driveway? No, I wouldn’t either. Seriously, has someone put bad mojo on me?

I read online that by burying a statue of St Joseph upside down in front of your house, your house will sell almost immediately. I did that Sunday evening and now I am waiting for the offers to pour in. I have total faith that my house will sell within 2 weeks now. I do. Really I do. You’ll see!
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