Thursday, February 7, 2008
Oops, Local Stalker Gets Caught

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There is a saying in Indiana, if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute, it will change. There is also another saying around these parts; if you don’t like the weather wait a minute and Ernestine will send the snows she is getting in Chicago to Indiana. Well I guess that is a good thing, because now the house isn’t flooded underneath anymore as all the standing water is frozen. There is the problem of residual damp mildew smell though. I’m a smart sort of cookie though, so after I got the call last night that someone wanted to show the house today at 3pm, I sped off to the Meijer and bought an odor eater candle, along with a can of febreez air freshener and every other thing I could think of to arm my aerosol against smelly smells. Doesn’t help much when you forget to spray the febreez, but at least I remembered to burn the odor eater candle for several hours before the showing. And in the kitchen I sort of took Ernestine’s advice but I twisted it a little. Instead of making chocolate chip cookies, I burned a chocolate candle (yummy!) and had a dish of assorted mini chocolate bars sitting out. Must not have worked though because they only stayed in the house ten minutes and they didn’t bother taking a brochure, disclosure statement or even one of the interactive CDs I had set out. The creepy part was when they left. I have a certain area of a nearby street in which I can sit and see our house. (my daughter knows exactly where I am talking about as she had a stalker boyfriend that used to sit there in his jeep and spy on her after they broke up). So there I am sitting, watching with interest as they get in their car and drive off. Suddenly they veered off the main street and turned down the side street I was sitting on and drove right by me! And the really embarrassing part? They slowed down as they passed my vehicle and looked right at me, eye to eye. It was pretty obvious they knew I was watching them the whole time. My cheeks are still burning. We have another showing tomorrow and one on Saturday. Maybe I shouldn’t stalk my house, eh?
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