Wednesday, February 6, 2008
Oops, The Monsoons Arrived

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There is a phenomenon here in the Midwest that arrives every late winter/early spring. It’s called the Monsoons. They arrived yesterday afternoon just like clockwork. You can pretty much count on them to be present at least several times a week for the next couple of months. So what’s a shit-load little bit of rain, thunder, lightening, straight line winds and tornados? Other than the fact that people don’t like to house hunt in them, what could be the harm? The harm is the mold smell in my house when it floods underneath due to the rain falling at one inch an hour all night and day. I came back from an errand this morning and the smell almost knocked me down. Seriously, it would make your eyes water. We are so screwed. I’d better get used to living here in the house by myself because I’m going to be stuck here for quite awhile.

You know though, I guess our front door mat isn’t helping us getting any house sales either.

I feel like my life is on hold because of this house crap. The hubster said he feels the same way. But he gets to move to Maryland at the end of the month. I will be stuck here…alone. It’s depressing to even contemplate. We can’t leave the house by itself though; there are just too many things that could go wrong. Not to mention how we won’t be able to afford to buy a new house until this one sells, therefore the hubster will be moving in with his brother. On one hand I am angry that the hubster took it upon himself to start this job-hunting process so soon, and subsequently the offered position, which he accepted. On the other hand I wish we had done it a couple of years ago when the market was hotter. Either way, it does no good to reflect on what could have been or should have been. I will say this, whom ever is doing that rain dance here in the Midwest, could you please stop?

I’ve joined a writers group in the town we will be living at in Maryland. Actually I have been conversing with the president all winter long, even part of the fall. I even went as far as to submit a story for the anthology they are publishing. However, I’ve promised them that I would be at the meeting in Mid-March. Doesn’t look like that will happen unless we have a miracle and the house sells. My sister in law keeps telling me that the house will be selling on February 19th. That is going to be a very anxious day for me. I know I will be sitting by the phone waiting for a call that will probably never come. I am so optimistic today.

In the midst of all the crap with the house and subsequent depression over it, there is a bright shining light in my life. My insurance pays for my chiropractic treatment for my back. No shocker there. But there is a massage therapist at the chiropractor that I go to and thrill upon thrill, my insurance pays for that too! So I have been getting an hour long full body massage once a week. It’s shear heaven! If you have never had a good massage I highly recommend it. After a massage I am so mellow and relaxed for the rest of the day. You could knock me down and snatch my purse and I would just smile and say “have a blessed day”. (don’t try to knock me down and snatch my purse though) Becky is my massage therapist’s name and she has fingers that should be insured with Lloyds of London. She is better than any Xanax or pain pill. If doctors prescribed massages instead of Xanax and valium no one would ever need to take those drugs. I was a little nervous at first. You have to take all of your clothes off, except your panties. Actually she said you can take off your panties but if you prefer to leave them on that is okay. I prefer to leave mine on. I’m shy that way. I even wear them in the shower sometimes. (no, not really).

There are other highlights in my life right now, but I have to say massages that are fully covered by your health insurance is pretty high up on the list of highlights, wouldn’t you say? Now if only I could get those monsoons to stop.
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  • At February 6, 2008 at 7:28 PM, Anonymous ern

    hey, I'll lend you an oar--we don't need it here, All we have a 6 inches of snow and 4 inches of sleet, but no rain. You know the key is to bake cookies anytime someone comes to see the house. (!) I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for Feb 19th as well.