Monday, May 7, 2007
Oops, She Has The Gimmes

What a weekend. I should have known something was amiss when my eldest son asked me to have my granddaughter, Jas, Saturday night so he and his girlfriend could go to a party. I was afraid he would ask me to let his girlfriends daughter spend the night as well. So before I accepted I asked him who would be staying. Oh just Jas he promised. Oddly enough I got a call Saturday morning from Jas. “Gwanma Daisy” she said, “Shelly wants to know if we can go to the dollar store tonight.” Confused, I questioned her. It seems that the plan all along was that both girls would be spending the night. I have been taken for a ride! The hubster was not surprised and frankly I wasn’t either.

You would think it would be great for both girls to spend the night as they could amuse each other. We are talking about Shelly here also known as the “Gimme” girl. Gimme, gimme, gimme. On the way to a hamburger place for dinner shelly whines that she really wants Taco bell. I offer to go to the drive-up window and get her Taco bell for dinner and allow her to eat it in the hamburger place that we are going t. She is fine with that and orders quite a large amount at Taco Bell. No problem there. But when we get to the hamburger place she also wants a hamburger, cheese fries, coke and large chocolate malt. She ate every bit of it too. Shelly is a growing girl after all. At the dollar tree I limit each girl to seven items. All I heard was whinning and bargaining from Shelly. She drove me bloody nuts! We get out of there and head to a store to pick up pancake mix. Gimme, gimme, gimme. Shelly wanted lip gloss, Shelly wanted a lunch-able, Shelly wanted chips, Shelly wanted cookie dough. Daisy wanted duct tape… well never mind about that.

We get home and the girls put on the fake nails I had bought them at the dollar store. Let it hereby be said that fake nails are forever forbidden in my house. Poor Jas glued hers on so well that nothing was getting those things off. The poor girl sat for 30 minutes soaking her nails in nail remover to no avail. Meanwhile Shelly is eating us out of house and home. We put the first batch of cookies in the oven. Shelly starts eating the other half of the cookie dough. Jas tells her to stop eating everything and save some for other people. That is very telling when a 6 year old tells an 11 year old to take off the feed bag. Shelly didn’t listen though and went on an uncontrollable eating frenzy. I never saw anything like it. I was scared for the poor dog and told him to hide. He might have been next! You never know.

I finally get the girls to bed at midnight. The hubster and I go to bed at 1am. The next morning I find out that Shelly the eating machine woke up poor little Jas after we had gone to bed and begged her to come downstairs with her while she ate everything that wasn’t nailed down. Jas was not very happy about being woken up. I wouldn’t have been either!

Sunday morning after a large breakfast of pancakes and bacon, the gimme’s started. I was pretty sick of it by this point and tried to put my foot down. I didn’t take Shelly to the stores to buy her things like she kept begging me to, but my constant refusal didn’t shut her up. By the time her mother came to pick her up in the afternoon I was ready to buy an econo size roll of duct tape and use it on the girls mouth, seriously! Meanwhile Jas looks on at Shelly’s bad behavior, with wide eyes. I hope she is thinking “what a naughty girl, I never want to act like that”. You never know though. By the time Shelly left I was so frustrated and had such a bad headache that my entire Sunday was ruined. I'm going to put my foot down I tell you. This is the last time they trick me into watching that kid (Shelly not Jas)! The last time I tell you, the last! And this time I mean it!
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