Sunday, May 6, 2007
Oops, Have I got a Deal for You

Do you like to read? Do you like contests? Do you like to read and like contests? Maybe you like to read while you do contests? Are you totally lost trying to follow my illogical thought process? If you answered yes to any of those questions have I got a deal for you! Wait a minute, that’s the name of the contest; I may be disqualified for plagiarizing the name of the contest. And you wonder why I never win anything?

Here is the scoop. Kate is having a really cool contest. Although I don’t know how you could call it a contest because everyone is a winner is you like to read. What’s the contest about? You merely review a book and you are put in a drawing to win a thirty dollar gift certificate. Head on over to Kate Rothwell’s site for the full details and rules of the contest. The great part about it is since you get to read a book you have already won if you are a book whore like me. The gift certificate would just be icing on the cake if you won that. Hey! Cake! THAT’S what I can buy with the gift certificate when I win it.

In the meantime, your regularly scheduled program will resume tomorrow. With two little girls spending the night Saturday, Gwanma Daisy has been a little wiped out this weekend. Details to follow on Monday. Poor Gwanma Daisy. Can I get an amen?
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