Saturday, January 13, 2007
Oops, I Found a Black Sheep

I would have to say I now know the meaning of too much information. I tried to do a good deed by ordering the WWII Naval history of a certain person who served with my husbands father in WWII. Both my father in law and his friend are long deceased. I was doing this good deed for his widow who has become a good friend of ours. The large packet arrived yesterday.

The hubster and I sat down together to peruse the fascinating information on John’s Naval service in WWII. We came across a blurb about his being cut a grade as punishment for bringing liquor onboard the ship. This was rather shocking to us because everyone who knew John told us what a religious man he was. When we got to his medical records our eyes really got big. It went into great detail about how he got the clap not once, but twice from prostitutes. The first time they forgave him the incident and said it was through no fault of his own. But the second time they weren’t as lenient. They charged him with misconduct the second time and as a result he was not eligible to wear the good conduct medal. Needless to say, we will be removing those papers prior to giving the packet to John’s widow. Just goes to show, you never know. I have to say though, times were different and those men were faced with their own mortality and not knowing if their next day would be their last day on earth. So I can’t fault them for sleeping with unclean women. They are still heroes to me. And thanks to the gallant men of WWII I live in a free country.
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